Monday, April 4, 2011

March 29 - April 4

We got the awesome news this past week that our project has gotten all of the necessary approvals for us to start digging.  So.....

Out came the diggers.  I have never before noticed how beautiful these machines were.
Due to the walk out basement, we were able to access the bottom of the hole that they dug and explore the many layers of clay, soil, and sand.

Really amazing!

Today they poured the footings for our walls and supports.  I can't believe that this is really happening!

We may be getting some rain this week, if so our progress will be slowed a bit as they pour our walls.... other than that, we are flying forward!!  They are expecting to have the rest of the cement done by the end of this week (depending on the rain...).  Here's hoping for a dry month of April!!